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Who we are

GenetixCoaching aims to assist clients in discovering their true wellness through genetic testing practices. We are a group of licensed and certified practitioners with one common goal - your DNA health and wellness. We can set your new pathway to a healthier (mind and body) in a total wellness package.

Are you ready to begin the most amazing journey you have ever been on?

Who is it for

GenetixCoaching is for everyone. Having trouble sleeping? Having trouble losing weight? Have high blood pressure? Have Thyroid related issues? How about Anxiety? Depression? Lethargy? Any or all of these, plus so many more health issues can be assisted with GenetixCoaching.

Fertility is a multi billion dollar industry in the USA, often key genetic profiles are misread, or even not considered in someone's fertility journey, your infertility is likely sitting right there, prominent if looking in the right place.

Weightloss is yet another multi billion dollar industry, and yes you guessed it, your key genetic profile will likely reveal where the core issue is.

It is estimated that 60-70% of the population have gene variants related to MTHFR, this pathway can be responsible for many illnesses/diseases/conditions including, but not limited to:

  • ADHD/Autism

  • Alzeimers

  • Thyroid

  • Fertility

  • Liver

  • Cancer

  • Behavioral Health

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Want to know about your Medications?

When a patient has a better understanding how a medication may work with their body, they are empowered. They can then have the confidence to educate their provider on how to implement a more targeted and personal care apporach. This can be of assistance in many health related situations from post-operative pain management to management of mental health medications to many other medications that may be required to assist in health management.

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What about Insurance?

HSA & FSA can be used for your testing, it is possible that you may also be able to SuperBill your Insurance Provider. Some may also be able to have their follow up sessions covered by insurance.

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Do your Genes fit?

Ask yourself this, "do my genes fit my wellness?" Your eye color is because your genes mutated to create that particular color.

Your entire existence is because your genes made you, from your eyes to skin to heart to finger nails. They are also responsible for your health and wellness, physically and emotionally.

If your health and wellness isn't running at an optimum level, chances are your genes will be telling why - you just need to ask them.

Your Wellness Journey

If you are tired of feeling tired, sick of feeling sick, then you need GenetixCoaching. Using our simple testing method to assess your bioindividuality, combined with coaching sessions to ensure that you are using the correct supplements, eating optimally and living the best lifestyle, we will join you on your wellness journey.

Be the very best version of you, quite possibly a version you never dreamed of!

Your genome contains many important clues about you—from your ancestry to the way your body responds to diseases, medications, and aging. Find out how the rapidly emerging field of genomics is transforming our understanding of human health and enabling advances that benefit all of humankind.


Your Genes may be holding the key to your fertility issues - your health may not be what it seems.


Nothing working? It's probably your Genes! It isn't as simple as calories in and calories out when your genetic pathways are not going in the right direction!

The Power Of Genetics

Dr Yael Joffe

The Power of Genetics book is here for YOU. It is filled with educational, easy-to-understand explanations and real-life success stories all in one illustrated book that Yael has been dreaming up and working on for over 17 years.

There is no other book out there that can put the basics of how your genetics impact your health better than this!

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