What do we offer?

At Genetix Coaching we offer a service that is unlike anything else. We are so focused on your bioindividuality, that we have taken it a step further. We can look at your entire genetic blueprint to guide you into a whole health process.

We use a combination of Genetic Testing, Pharmacogenomic Testing with Wellness & Nutrition Coaching to ensure the best outcomes for our clients. There is nobody like you in the world, you are unique and therefore your wellness is also unique to you. A one size fits all approach is old school, we at Genetix Coaching don't believe that one medication or one nutrition plan will fit everyone. Just as we don't believe in one root cause.

A tree has many roots, we look at all of the roots to see where the issues truly lie.

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Our genes are not our absolute destiny but instead a valuable opportunity. Understanding how our genetic information, when combined with the power of nutrition, can play a pivotal role in improving our quality of life.

The answer lies in Epigenetics

The field of epigenetics is growing at a rapid rate and while our DNA is pretty much fixed, epigenetics is not. Any outside stimulus that can be detected by our bodies has the potential to cause epigenetic modifications and a lot of it comes down to the choices we make on a daily basis. The lifestyle we live, the diet we follow and the behaviors we implement on a moment-by-moment occurrence all play a pivotal role in how we might improve our quality of life.

Clinical Oversight & Assessment

As a Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP-BC), I can diagnose and prescribe medications if you need them, and also evaluate your current medication regimen. Evaluating your genetic profile is imperative in making sure that your care is optimized. Many patients are on medications, because the medical practice guidelines recommend certain medications for certain issues. What is not taken into account, is that our genetic makeup, doesn’t always fall under medical practice guidelines.

Medications and supplements that work well for one person, may have detrimental effects on another, due to the unique way their body processes medications or supplements. Side effects or responses all come down to your personal genetics. A patient should not have to trial several different medications or supplements over 6 months to a year before they feel any kind of improvement. Additionally, there are many micronutrients that, when tailored to your genetics, may priovide significant relief in symptoms, thus eliminating the need for many, or even any medications. At Genetix, we are here to optimize your wellness, not strictly medicate with the bleak hope of you feeling better. We can individualize your care to help you meet your goals.

We can work with your primary care practitioner when needed to improve your overall health and wellness.

Karen Laber, APRN, PMHNP-BC

Javier Villa MSc. Molecular Scientist

Pharmacogenomic Testing

Pharmacogenetic Testing, or PGx, is a branch of genetic testing that is focused on how your unique genetic makeup impacts the response to the medications you take. Genetic testing allows your doctor to take a personalized, and targeted approach for better health outcomes. Have you ever taken a medication that just did not seem to work? It is possible you are taking a medication that is not the best fit for your body.

Dealing with health issues is stressful enough. When a patient is prescribed a medication that does not work, they can experience increased stress and frustration that leads to greater health issues. With advancements in science and technology we now have access to personalized information we otherwise would not have.

I am able to “zoom in” to your genetic blueprint and analyze what genes may be creating negative responses to medications, now or in the future. My goal is to empower you as an individual, understand the complexity of your body, and interpret your results to your doctor. Take charge of your health and understand through the power of education why you can be making changes in your life.

Wellness & Nutrition Coaching

Enhancing your knowledge on how to maintain good health and improve your own health habits begins with your genes.

As a Certified Wellness & Nutrition Coach & Nutrigenomics Practitioner, I have the knowledge, skills and experience (including that of my own health and wellness journey) to not only set you on the right path for success, but keep you on it.

Weight loss, fertility, anxiety, depression, insomnia, thyroid, ADHD (and other spectrum disorders) are just a few of the issues that I can assist with, how? Because your genes tell a very unique story about you. Your lifestyle and history all come together with your genetic makeup to create the life you are in now and your bioindividuality.

Kharis Johnston CWC, CNC


Nutrigenomics is the scientific study of the interaction between nutrition and an individual’s genes, especially concerning the prevention or management of disease.

Sometimes referred to as “nutritional genomics”, the field of nutrigenomics attempts to personalize individual nutritional needs and determine the role nutrients play in the expression (how they affect an individual) of an individual’s genes.

Nutrigenomics is the most specific & personalized nutrition therapy, available.

Your DNA is essentially a set of instructions that acts as an operational manual for your body. Your genes are like teeth on a cog, your cogs are the pathways that convert proteins and minerals etc into energy and enable your body to detoxify.

If your cog's teeth have slight imperfections to them, they may not turn as effectively as they should, this in turn will result, particularly over time, in illness and or disease. It will also prevent your entire system from running smoothly.

A common belief is that your genetics are absolute however, the cogs that contain the genetic 'teeth' can be either running smoothly, or running ragedly. All by diet and environmental impacts (stress/pollutents etc).

A genomic test can also help tell your practitioner all about your body, such as your natural weight, muscle composition, and the effect of saturated fats. By looking at the DNA instructions for your body, your practitioner can help devise a nutrition, supplement, and lifestyle plan that can help manage and lower the risks of developing any of the reported predispositions. Upon testing completion, you will receive a complete copy of your results along with your personalized health recommendations.

What we do

We use our knowledge of wellness and nutrition coaching, combined with your personal genetic profile, to explore where your lifestyle including stresses from life and environment may be impacting your health, mind and wellness overall.

Then, nutrition, supplements, lifestyle and exercise will be planned according to your unique DNA blueprint - this couldn't be more different to a 'one size fits all' approach. This is as unique and personalized as it gets.

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Symptoms related to the buildup of toxins may include:

Fatigue and insomnia

• Weight gain and weight loss resistance

• Influence on type 2 diabetes

• Negative Influence on infertility

• Behavior and mood disorders, anxiety


• Metabolic syndrome

Spectrum Disorders

• Neurological conditions such as tremors, headaches, and cognitive difficulties along with negative effects on several other diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s

Nutritional Genomics

There are plenty of one-size-fits-all, quick-fix approaches to managing our health, lifestyle and diet. However, the missing component in all these methods involve considering the individual. We believe that an individual’s health is not static and one of the ways we can positively impact how genes are expressed (and ultimately our health) is by looking at the interaction between our diet, our lifestyle and our genes. This interaction can be broken up into two fields of study, namely nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics.

Nutrigenetics looks at how we respond to nutrients or the environment based on our genetic profile. Nutrigenomics explores how foods and the environment change the way our genes express themselves.

Working with both Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics allows us to develop patient recommendations that are personalized, targeted and actionable.

Research suggests that our unique genetic makeup influences the outcome of our health when taking our diet, environment and our lifestyle into consideration. Our patient’s daily choices and their personalized nutrition approach are a viable and sustainable way to reduce their risk of disease and keep their health in check.

Lab Testing

Once your sample has been taken by your practitioner, it is sent to our lab in the US for testing and extracting your genetic information


Your information is then prepared into a full color, detailed and understandable format, which will be explained to you at your practitioner consult

Your practitioner, using your unique report, will coach you to your best health, using diet, supplements and lifestyle changes

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